Fantasizing about the future

There is so much information on the Internet already - almost everything is available. Sometimes it's secret.
But what to look for? How do you find it? A lot of people search, but not everyone finds it. It's an ability that has to be developed.

There is the detective who looks for clues. When the common man doesn't notice even a clue, the detective will sniff it all out, pay attention to every little detail and find the right one.

The same will soon be true on the Web. Search algorithms try to give what they want, but often the person himself does not know how to describe the query. Soon a narrower profession will branch off from detectives: the web detective. Now such a profession seems absurd, but it is bound to appear.

After all, it is possible to hide data from the index. It is possible to delete history. There are hackers, anb and other history writers who wipe or replace some events. The web detective's job is still to find traces.